Submit to Legacy Talent Agency


-- Currently we are NOT taking VO-only talent.

-- Absolutely NO PHONE CALLS. Email submissions only.

-- We use the internet! If you do not have the ability to submit headshots, resume and demo reels through the internet/email, we may not be the agency for you.

-- We are not seeing talent unless you meet the criteria below, or have an acting coach reference, or casting director reference.

On camera talent:

Adults must have experience, currently be taking an acting class, and have a demo reel or footage.

Children 10 -17 must be currently taking an acting class.
Prefer children age 4 and up. (With the exception of twins, any age twins.)

All submissions must be made to

Submissions must contain:

-- Resume
-- Headshots (children under 7 may submit a snapshot)
-- Demo reel (if you have one) or footage

PDF format is preferred for submission materials. Although jpg for headhots and Microsoft Word for resumes are also acceptable.


We do not have a set schedule for interviews. But they usually take place every few weeks. If you do not hear from us within 3 months, you may resubmit again if you have a change in your studio/network credits,your principal role commercial credits, or a letter from a recognized acting coach . We do not contact talent until we have a set schedule.

If we are interested you will hear from us. Please do not call checking on the status of your submission.

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!